Classical music gets its own streaming service

A new streaming service aims to offer a Spotify-like experience for fans of classical music. Primephonic launched on 14 June with more than 100,000 classical music tracks on offer.

Traditionally, the problem for classical fans is that streaming services are not designed to work with the quirks of classical releases. Primephonic overcomes this by allowing users to search by composer, work, artist, ensemble, historical period and genre.

“Research shows that the classical music streaming consumer, which makes up 3% of the overall streaming market, is not satisfied with their streaming experience,” commented co-founder and director Simon M Eder. “As such, we firmly believe that there is a need for a service offering an extensive classical music catalogue, high quality audio, and industry-leading search technology.”

All tracks are available to stream in 16-bit FLAC format with Sony Classical, Warner Classics, Naxos, Harmonia Mundi, Chandos, Bis, and 2L all signed up, along with hundreds of other labels.

Further, Primephonic believes the new service will be financially beneficial to the whole sector as head of business development, Veronica Neo, explained: “Primephonic provides a way for streaming to give back more than ever to the classical music industry and a sustainable way for fans to support their favourite artists. As a 100% classical music service, 100% of the revenues stay in the classical industry.”

Unlimited access to the service costs GBP14.99 (€17) a month.

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