Production and Transport Manager

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra


NZSO Vision, Mission & Values



Providing world class musical experiences that inspire all New Zealanders.

achieved by


Deepening and expanding musical connections and engagement with our communities.


A national fulltime full size symphony orchestra,


  • Performs to an international standard


  • Excellent in performance


  • Relevant and engaging programming,
  • Reaches large and diverse audiences

and asserts

  • Musical and artistic leadership.

A symphony orchestra which has

  • Best practice operations, a shared & productive organisational culture, sustainable management of all resources, and, excellent systems and processes.


What we do We value excellent engagement We identify strongly with one another and with New Zealanders.
We ensure that our work is relevant to our audiences.
We communicate openly and honestly with one another & with NZers
How we do it We value creative excellence We are passionate about our music and strive to share it widely.
We are innovative and creative in all aspects of our activities.
We are inspired to be excellent in all our performances.
How we behave We value excellent relationships We always act with fairness, honesty and transparency.
We trust, respect, acknowledge and support each other.
We always act with integrity


Purpose of Role


  • To plan and manage the logistical movement and set up of instruments, furniture, risers, technical equipment at performances, rehearsals, and other activities in national and international venues and tours for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and its affiliated brands.
  • To stage manage performances, rehearsals and other activities as required.
  • To be responsible for production staff, contractors and others as required.


Technical Specifications


Responsible to:                                  Head of Orchestra Management

Responsible for:                                 Production staff and production contractors as required

Location:                                           Based in Wellington, and touring around New Zealand

and Internationally

Team:                                               Orchestra Management Team

Working relationships:                        Orchestra Management team members

Managers and Administration staff


Principals, Players and guest players of the NZSO

Guest Artists (Conductors, Soloists, Composers)

Venue managers, technicians, and support personnel

Production staff, contractors and others

Terms and conditions of employment:    Refer individual employment agreement


Key Functions

There are four key functions for the role of Production and Transport Manager. These are set out in the following section together with associated performance criteria.

  •   Stage Management and Security
  • Stage Management and Security
  • Health and Safety
  • Team membership

Key Functions for the Production and Transport Manager

1. Production Planning and Budgeting


  • To ensure advance production scheduling is carried out for all NZSO activities in Wellington and on tour including;
  • Production details are accurately entered into ArtsVision and are distributed in a timely manner
  • Stage plans are accurately drawn and distributed as necessary
  • Contractors and casual staff are arranged as required
  • To develop and implement transport and production budgets including provision for;
  • Freight and transportation of instruments
  • Pack-in/out and production costs
  • Venue and staging costs
  • Technical provision
  • Contract and casual production staffing
  • Instrument and equipment hire
  • Venue security
  • To participate as a member of the Orchestra Management Team in the development, implementation and monitoring of the production plan and budget.
  • To maintain an accurate maintenance schedule for all performance and stage equipment, and musical instruments owned by the NZSO

Performance Criteria:

  • Active participation in the development and implementation of the Orchestra Management plan and budget
  • Production and transport budget is prepared and monitored in accordance with budgeting standards and expenditure is not exceeded without approval.
  • Potential cost savings are investigated for feasibility and impact on services provided and implemented if feasible.
  • All production details are accurately entered into ArtsVision
  • All stage plans are produced and distributed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Maintenance schedule is maintained
 2. Stage Management and Security


  • To be responsible for the set up and pack down for all auditions, rehearsals, concerts, recordings, broadcasts, outdoor and special events, and other activities consistent with the specific requirements of the NZSO, Artists, Venues and Contractors. This includes;
  • arranging provision for, and/or setting up risers, chairs, music stands, percussion, timpani and other musical equipment as required
  • arranging provision for, and/or setting up lighting, sound, vision, and other technical equipment as required
  • arranging provision for concert and rehearsal pianos and tuning as required
  • arranging extra heating/ventilation in venues when necessary
  • attending all rehearsals, concerts and other playing activity
  • stage managing (in orchestra terms) rehearsals, recordings, concerts, broadcasts and other activities
  • liaising with conductors, soloists and other artists regarding their stage requirements
  • liaising with venue managers and staff regarding venue, stage and security requirements
  • liaising with Principals and Players regarding their requirements for their sections in relation to setting up in the various venues. This includes working closely with the percussion and timpani sections for their set up and instrument needs
  • liaising with other NZSO staff for rehearsal and audition requirements
  • liaising with the Artistic Team regarding artistic matters
  • liaising with Radio New Zealand technicians and other production staff
  • communicating all production requirements to venues and other stakeholders
  • managing casual production contractors and staff as required
  • keeping the stage and back stage areas clear and tidy
  • To arrange and supervise the safe storage, movement and maintenance of orchestral instruments and equipment. This involves;

maintaining an excellent working relationship with freight contractor

  • preparing and distributing detailed freight schedules
  • preparing loading and packing schedules
  • working closely with the freight contractor and staff on moving instruments and equipment
  • ensuring adequate temperature control for instruments on the truck and in venues
  • ensuring storage of all equipment and instruments is adequate, appropriate and safe
  • managing the timely maintenance of equipment and instruments owned by the NZSO


  • arranging and supervising backstage security using in-house or contract security staff
  • providing security staff with accurate and up-to-date security lists
  • briefing security staff on NZSO security requirements and Health and Safety
  • To undertake other activities including:
  • handling and moving of other associated equipment or goods such as music folders
  • liaising with the marketing team regarding the movement of marketing collateral
  • assisting the travel officers on tour as required

Performance Criteria:

  • The stage is appropriately and correctly set up with correct instruments and equipment by the “stage available” time before each Orchestra session
  • Equipment and instruments are freighted and handled according to the Orchestra’s requirements and are not damaged during transit or storage
  • All production and venue requirements are communicated and delivered as required
  • Personnel access to the venues is appropriately controlled
  • Equipment and instruments are maintained in excellent working condition
3. Health and Safety


  1. To assist with ensuring all regular Health and Safety requirements are met, including;
  • Completing daily venue checks and associated paperwork
  • Managing and controlling hazards
  • Liaising with other staff on health and safety issues
  • Reporting incidents, accidents and near misses
  • Completing inductions and associated paperwork for contractors and casual staff as required
  1. To actively participate as a member of the Health and Safety Committee
  2. To uphold and actively promote all NZSO Health and Safety practices and policies
  3. To participate in the development of the annual NZSO Health and Safety Plan
  4. To communicate all relevant Health and Safety information to players and artists
  5. Participate in Health and Safety projects as required

Performance Criteria:

  • Regular Health and Safety requirements are met
  • NZSO Health and Safety policy requirements are met
  • NZ Health and Safety legislation, and relevant codes of practice are adhered to
  • Standard Operating procedures are observed
  • Health and Safety meetings are prepared for and attended
 4. Team Membership


  1. Participate and work co-operatively as a team member of the Orchestra Management Department. This may involve fulfilling a number of roles including leading, co-coordinating, planning, advisory, problem solving, coaching, colleague support, and facilitating.
  2. To assist the Head of Orchestra Management and/or Orchestra and Artist Liaison as required.

 Performance Criteria:

  • Proactive participation in the team is demonstrated
  • Positive collaboration in team activities and projects
Person Specification



The ability to:

  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Work as member of a team;
  • Lead and direct a team;
  • Demonstrate ability and experience in line management;
  • Collect, analyse and process information;
  • Work to deadlines and under pressure;
  • Identify potential problems and solve problems through constructive processes;
  • Plan, organise and prioritise work;
  • Manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders;
  • Provide and receive constructive feedback;
  • Be receptive to new ideas.
  • Be a competent user of a computer and various software including;
  • Create and edit computer aided drawings using VectorWorks or AutoCAD
  • MS office including Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Orchestra Scheduling and Management software such as ArtsVision or OPAS
 Technical/Professional Knowledge
  • To demonstrate expertise and understanding of:
  • Production management (logistics, planning, budgeting)
  • Stage management (layout, lighting, heating etc);
  • Travelling and logistical movement of orchestra and associated equipment and instruments;
  • Orchestra management
  • Understanding and knowledge of entertainment industry standards and practices
  • Understanding and knowledge of first aid
  • Understanding and knowledge of health and safety issues including hazard management and working with contractors
  • Knowledge of classical music.
Personal Attributes
  •  Adaptable and flexible, have tenacity and accept responsibility
  • Be able to think creatively and use initiative
  • Work with confidential information
  • Have a positive and “can do” attitude
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Self learner and able to work autonomously but within guidelines
  • Personal commitment to the team and to producing quality work
  • Willingness to work flexible, long and outside of business hours
  • Willingness to travel by air, land or sea as necessary, including driving rental cars
  • Have credibility within the industry


  •  Full, clean and current driver’s licence
  • Current and compreheansive First Aid certificate


Craig Thorne, Head of Orchestra Management

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

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